Saturday, February 25, 2012

Better Than Cartoons

Lately, on Saturday mornings, we've been getting up and heading out to Spanish language classes at church; however, today, the instructor had prior commitments, so we stayed in. We slept in; we listened to worship music sung by super-excited groups of children (including AJ and PB); Marissa made delightfully soothing smoothies with a new blender to go with our usual eggs and bacon; and the boys and I played a game of Memory. All in all, it's been better than cartoons, but I did learn a thing or two about my sons.

The Memory game we have is a Disney Cars edition. We were successful in our turn-taking until the matches started popping up. Peyson was so excited when he knew where a match was that he would play when it wasn't his turn; Aidan and I racked up a few extra matches with his help. Aidan often forgot he was supposed to go after me. My boys are so sharp (and I would say that even if Mommy's maiden name was something else)! I tried to wrangle them back into the rule-following corral, but they were having such fun that it wasn't easy. In the end, Aidan found sixteen of the thirty-six matches available and was declared the winner. He was happy. Peyson and I were happy. We shook hands all around, saying "good game" to each other.

Our Saturday morning was quite enjoyable without the TV on. In fact, I know we're not missing anything. I mean, have you seen cartoons lately? Oi! Gone are the days of "What's up, doc?" and "Thundercats, HO!"

Oh well   =)

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