Friday, February 24, 2012

Oliver, Remixed

In my literature class, we're reading and studying Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. I recently gave them a short writing assignment in which they take Oliver's famous line ("Please, sir, I want some more."), plop it into another part of the book, and write the resulting scene. The results touched on a range of emotions: some were funny, others weird, and some were downright heartrending. It not only helped me assess the students' understanding of the book but also helped me get to know them a little better.

Would you care to take on the challenge? I'd love to read your responses. If you're not familiar enough with the book to rewrite one of Dickens' scenes, just put Oliver and his oft misquoted line in another setting. Perhaps Ed McMahon shows up on someone's doorstep with a giant check and Oliver, peeking out from behind the winner's back humbly requests more. How would Ed and his crew react? How would "someone" react? Is Oliver even related to the winner? Lots of questions... You write the answers and leave me a comment.

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sean said...

Just had a thought that I should have titled this post "Oliver, Twisted".