Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Extravaganza II: What Not To Watch

Of all the choices available for viewing on TV on holidays, there are some things that just should not be watched. By men. But with a wife and a mother-in-law in control of the remote, I either find something else to do or watch what they watch.

Over the years with these two, a growing list of shows have paraded their sentimental, girly selves in front of my precious peepers:
  • What Not To Wear: A pair of fashion experts secretly video fashion failures, teach them the rules for what they should be wearing, and then send them shopping with a $5000 Visa card. The show ends with the victim's friends and family being surprised by the new look. I get the concept. I'm just not sure why I've gotten sucked in.
  • anything on HGTV: It's the home and garden channel. Enough said.
  • any movie based on a Jane Austen novel: No comment. To men everywhere, I'm sorry.

Okay, so the list is shorter than I thought. The TV's on now. The girls have the remote. I'm in desperate need of something else to do for a while.

Ooh! I know! I'll give Aidan a bath...

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Marissa said...

Boys smell.