Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Extravaganza II: An Announcement

We live in a very comfortable society. Most of us. When I'm driving a bus in Austin or San Marcos, I see men, women, and children on the streets who live a very uncomfortable life. Whether by circumstance or choice, people of all kinds (I can't even honestly use the word live) exist on the streets of our cities with few clothes, little food, and almost no hope. I try to give out part of my lunch to someone at an intersection when I have something left and the traffic light is red long enough for me to get his attention: usually an apple or a bag of chips. But I want to do something more.

As of Thanksgiving 2009, I'm officially launching a tPof materials drive for the homeless and needy in San Marcos. First, I would like to ask my readers to pray for the people I want to reach and for the success of the collecting. Second, I would like to ask my readers for nonfinancial, nonperishable gifts that someone without a home could make good use of. Things like food and money are already available through many other great organizations. What I'm after are things like blankets, pillows, socks, shoes, combs, water bottles, and backpacks. Any donations will be prayed over and given to someone in need.

This materials drive is not for a scheduled period of time. I expect it to go on indefinitely. This is a first step in a vision God has given to Marissa and me. We affectionately call it Perry's Place, named after a man we invited home after church about a year ago. Perry was standing on a corner in San Marcos, taking whatever he could get from passersby. He told us himself later that he wasn't at all expecting what he got from us. We took him home, allowed him to shave and shower before we fed him a hot meal. Before we took him back to town, we loaded him up with books, snacks, hugs, and prayer.

We've not seen Perry since that day, but the encounter inspired in us a desire to help those around us as best we can. There are many more details about Perry's Place to reveal as God permits, but like I said before, this materials drive is the beginning. Please pray. If you'd like to participate with material gifts, see the badge at the top right of my blog for instructions. Thank you.


I hope you've enjoyed reading my annual Thanksgiving series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I also hope you had a thankful day. God bless you and yours!

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