Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Extravaganza II: Spending Time With God

(My goal this year is seven posts for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more...)

I woke up this morning after sharing a bed all night with Aidan. We're in El Campo for the holiday and AJ needed a roommate. Anyway, I got up, greeted the family that was already awake and grabbed my Bible. I was intent on spending some of my valuable time with the Lord.

I hadn't even found the passage I wanted to read when Aidan wandered around the corner into the living room, carrying Winnie the Pooh and his backpack. He saw me and toddled over with a big smile on his face. "Hi, Daddybear! Good morning!" he said. I responded appropriately, set my Bible down, and patted my lap. Aidan dropped his backpack and hopped into my lap. We huggled and snuggled for several long minutes.

And then That Still Small Voice spoke very clearly into my heart: "That's all I want from you, Sean. Just drop your stuff and spend time in my presence." Wow! I hadn't read a single word in the Word and God had taught me a most beautiful lesson. He just wants me in his lap, huggling and snuggling! Truly, he has ordained strength out of the mouths of babes and infants!

Why do we find it so hard to believe that God just wants to be with us? He sent His son to pay the penalty for what we had done. He saved us because He loves us! As a husband loves his wife and as a father loves his child. So often we think we're unworthy or that we have to do something for God to love us. He's already done all that's required and just asks us to love Him in return.

That's one lesson I'm going to try to apply more often and one thing that I'm truly grateful for this day of giving thanks to God.

Thanks, Daddy! I love you too!

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