Friday, November 27, 2009

Operation Black Friday

  • 0000 hours: attended mission briefing; viewed training videos
  • 0430: completed training videos; geared up for mission
  • 0436: arrived at enemy stronghold; positioned escape vehicle for optimum departure; initial assessment: many other escape vehicles, enemy stronghold appears unguarded
  • 0440: entered by secret side door; secondary assessment: more guards than expected but easily identifiable, no load lifters remained, most packages secured behind black shielding grids
  • 0442: located target package: Foxtrot-2430 unguarded but secured with clear shielding grid; other operatives distracted by nonessential packages
  • 0447: made contact with another operative seeking target package; disengaged contact
  • 0449: overheard rumor: clear shielding grids to be deactivated first
  • 0450: Booming Voice confirmed rumor and deactivated clear shielding grids; obtained target package: Foxtrot-2430 heavier than expected
  • 0451: successfully navigated labyrinthine escape passages
  • 0453: discarded spent energy canister
  • 0456: remembered secondary target package; secured primary target package; returned to center of activity
  • 0457: Booming Voice deactivated black shielding grids; resulting chaos made labyrinth more difficult
  • 0502: observed other operatives making use of wireless communications devices; attempted contact with supplied code phrase: "bob and weave" - incorrect response supplied; disengaged contact
  • 0503: obtained secondary target package
  • 0507: attempted passage through time - thwarted by enemy control device
  • 0510: entered exit tube November-13
  • 0515: power disrupted in November-13; assessed other options: none viable
  • 0517: power restored to November-13
  • 0518: lured senior guard into distracting conversation
  • 0522: pass card supplied by client effectively disengaged exit alarm
  • 0523: eluded final sentry; escaped through secret side door
  • 0524: reestablished contact with escape vehicle
  • 0526: mission accomplished
  • 0530: returned to base
  • 0656: completed mission debriefing

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