Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Extravaganza II: It's Here!

I didn't plan this, but I get to reveal the answer to '300' during my Thanksgiving Extravaganza. I had only two people participate in the guessing game, and one of them got it right.

One person guessed that I was involved in the nationwide challenge designed to get participants in the same physical shape as the Spartans in Frank Miller's recent movie 300. I've read about it and gotten really excited about the idea, but have yet to engage. This emailer also thought I might be looking forward to the special edition DVD of the same movie, but alas, I have not even seen it.

The answer, correctly supplied by a blogger known as the Mule Skinner, is that this very writing is my 300th post to the POWER of flight. I've been at this endeavor for almost three years; that's quite a milestone (to me)! I hope you've all enjoyed the adventure as much as I have. The next 300 posts should prove to be exciting too!

Thanks for reading; that's more encouragement to a burgeoning writer than just about anything out there. I really appreciate your time! God bless!


Marissa said...

You stinker! I guessed that, too! :-P

Anonymous said...

Me too! Didn't you get my email?


the co-pilot said...

Official guesses were only those received in email. I never got one from you, Mom. I even looked through my emails from you tonight. Sorry to both of you!

At least there wasn't a trophy or a frozen bag of peas...