Friday, December 11, 2009

A Holiday How-To

I was inspired by a friend's recent post and wanted to share one of my own.

A Simple (but Beautiful) Ornament

  • Mini-wallet sized prints of your favorite _____
  • Prefabricated gift bows (new or recycled)
  • Sparkly pipe cleaner in many colors
  • Tape (if bows are recycled)
  1. Cut prints into single photos
  2. Affix a photo to a bow's tab with either the factory adhesive or a bit of scotch tape
  3. Twist a pipe cleaner through one of the bow's loops to make a hanger
  4. Repeat, using different bows, photos, and pipe cleaners if desired
  5. Gift ornament(s) to friends, family, coworkers, or even your own tree


Anonymous said...

I recognize that tree, that famiy, that hand! Cute idea!

Sera said...

Awesome! What a great idea, and a great gift, too. I got a bunch of bows like that for about 90% off at an after-Christmas sale, so I could make a ton of those.