Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Volume Of A Sphere

I took my TExES test for Math (grades 4-8) today. I think I did pretty well; I'll know for sure by Friday. I'm already convinced that I'll be "highly qualified."

Anyway, I wanted to share a moment I really enjoyed during the test itself. One question was quite complex. It involved pouring liquid from one container into another without overflowing the second. I knew how to solve it with a single exception: I'd forgotten the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere. I thought about it. I thought about marking the question to come back to later to think about it more. I just could not remember it.

I said a little prayer as I moved the cursor to the "Next" button and before I was able to click it, I had my answer:



"Yes!" I shispered (a shouted whisper). Then I remembered where I was. I muttered a happy and heartfelt "Thank you, Lord!" and solved the problem.

God is so awesome!

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