Sunday, March 15, 2009

Opposite Of Down

Aidan surprised both of his parents today. Marissa was reading, I was studying for my TExES exam on Tuesday, and Aidan was playing with his MegaBloks. A rather typical Sunday evening in our house.

Then we heard Aidan say, "Up. Down." He had built a rather advanced rocket ship from his blocks. When he held it high above his head, he said, "Up." When he held it closer to the floor, he said, "Down." It wasn't "Uh" and "Dah" either. It was very clear that not only did he know what he was saying, but he also knew what he meant.

Needless to say, Marissa and I were very impressed, very proud, and very enthusiastic about getting him to repeat the process. Aidan's proud of himself too!

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Anonymous said...

I've played games with him and a ball saying Up & Down, but not yet heard him repeat it.

I can't wait!