Sunday, January 20, 2008

We Have An Answer!

We were eating dinner. Sweet potatoes and apple sauce for the boy; tuna salad sandwiches for his parents. The television in the corner was off because the papa had determined conversation was more important. We talked about the goodness of God, the state of the weather, and how cute our boy was. Then Marissa smiled and turned to Aidan, asking the question of all questions (remarkable since I just mentioned it in yesterday's entry): "What was life like before you came along, huh?"

Before I reveal his answer, I have to first take you back to one of the early dates between Marissa and me. We've since made a tradition of taking a trip to one zoo or another, but that fateful first trip to the San Antonio Zoo was one for the history books.

If I remember correctly, it was the Thursday before our spring semester started. The sun was shining in a blue sky spattered with a handful of puffy white clouds. I was driving Marissa's car. In the trunk was a cooler with drinks and our picnic lunch of tuna salad sandwiches. The radio was off, again in an effort to foster conversation. We talked about the animals we might see, the great weather, the goodness of God, and even politics. We talked the whole time without skipping more than a beat or two.

When we pulled into the parking lot at the zoo, Marissa turned, smiled, and said, "It's so nice to be able to hold an intelligent conversation with someone."

Whoosh! (That's the sound of being sucked out of a flashback back into the present.)

"Like father like son" fits here because Aidan's answer to Mommy's question was the same as my response to Marissa's comment: a single, immediate, lip-curling
* B * U * R * P * ! *

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