Saturday, January 19, 2008

75% Of His First Year

I haven't written in a while because I've been either busy or sick. The week before last, I helped construct a driver's lounge at our base, and this past week was the university's first of the new semester. I also developed a severe case of running-frequently-to-the-bathroom on Tuesday; let me tell you, a 45-minute lap on a bus is not an easy thing. I'm still recovering but doing a lot better. But that's enough about me—this entry's about my not-so-little-anymore bundle of joy.

Nine months and an hour ago, Marissa and I became the proud parents of the one who has become the star of this blog. It's hard to believe Aidan's been among us this long. Nine months is a school year. A baseball season. A short Texas summer. And something else too... Oh yeah! The gestation period for Homo sapiens! Aidan's been out as long as he was in; every day from here on out is a new record!

He's come a long way from the little peanut-shaped group of cells in a blurry, black-and-white picture. I exaggerate (because it's fun) a lot on this blog, but he really is quite amazing. Maybe it's just me being a first-time dad, but I think our Aidan is someone special. He has been such a comfort to me these past few days of being overworked and underfed. Marissa often remarks that she doesn't remember what life was like before Aidan was in our life.

I echo her sentiments. He wakes up smiling and growling like he's ready to take on the world and he goes to sleep quickly and peacefully. And never once has he spent a day where he didn't learn something new. I sometimes learn from him actually. I'm very proud and happy to be a father, but more to the point, I'm very proud and happy to be this baby's father.

Happy nine months, Kiddo.

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Kristi said...

next month it can be happy 5/6 year to Aidan :)