Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just Don't Eat The Stinger

They truly don't like me. First they swarm me and reward me with three itchy welts. Now they're invading my kitchen and criticizing my cooking. Why can't I get away from these annoying insects?

I cooked dinner tonight and one ingredient was a hard-boiled egg. Just a simple matter of not watching a pot with an egg in it for ten minutes, right? Wrong. When I went to retrieve the egg, I discovered something in the boiling water I hadn't put there: a rather large yellow wasp. Dead of course, and all associated microbes killed by the 212o water. For half a second, I considered tossing it into the blender with the egg. You know, for a little extra crunch and pure protein? Well, I remembered how miserable this guy's outdoor cousins made me a few months back and I thought better of it. Just don't eat the stinger; I wouldn't want a numb mouth and/or throat.

In all seriousness, I tossed it out, but I have no idea where this thing came from or even why or whether it was suicide or homicide (pesticide?). I'm sure glad it wasn't noodles or vegetables I was boiling. At least with an egg, the part you eat was protected by the shell. Regardless, I think I'll be cooking with a lid on the pot from now on.

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