Saturday, December 8, 2007

Finally, The "Sights &" Of Christmas

Each year on the first full weekend of December, snow falls on San Marcos, Texas. And the best part is it doesn't matter whether it's 60 degrees or 37! The snow still falls. Granted it's man-made snow that's actually more likely bubbles but still.

I'm talking about San Marcos' free annual festival called "The Sights & Sounds of Christmas." There's music, shopping, a Bethlehem-themed petting zoo, carnival rides, and all the junk food you could want (and some you've probably not even imagined). And of course, more people than Santa Claus could count even if he checked his list three times.

Several traditions (for us at least) have evolved around this event. It runs for three nights and I usually drive the shuttle for one of them. The city charters some of the Texas State buses and we drivers have a great time running people between the park and the parking lot. Marissa and I have also taken a picture with the toy soldiers that guard the entry gate since we've been dating. We have five photos now and this year, Aidan got to join us for the first time.

Correction, second time. He was there last year but was able to enjoy only the "Sounds" of Christmas because he was still inside Mama. This year, he got to take in the "Sights &" too! He couldn't stop staring at all the twinkling Christmas lights and bustling people. He tried his first ever giant turkey leg and ran everywhere. I mean this; Aidan ran. His feet hardly ever stopped moving. (He was in someone's arms the whole night, but his feet were a blur all evening!) Maybe God wants him to be a runner or an organ player. I'm sure we'll find out someday. In the meantime, see my proof below.

This year, my parents and our friend Kristi joined us for the festivities. We were all worn out at the end of the night, Aidan especially. If I hadn't had to drive, all three of us would have slept on the way home. Check out for more info. Christmas season is here!

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Anonymous said...

Love that little runner! I'm soooo glad that you put that video on the blog. I laugh every time I think of it and now I can see it too!
Love, Gram