Friday, September 7, 2007

The Man With The Yellow Jackets

Curious George would have ignored me. It wasn't a yellow rain suit or hat that I was wearing but a swarm of stinging insects. I've decided these critters exist with the sole purpose of being an annoying irritant.

Here's the story:

Gram visited yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Just a normal visit on a normal sunny day with a normal schedule of events planned. Normal ceased when I moved Gram's car to a new spot so we could get our van out to run some errands. I don't know whether I rolled over their nest with the car as I was parking or if I stepped in it unawares, but when I got out, I felt pain on my arm. And then pain on my leg. And then pain on my other arm. I looked down to find a small swarm of yellow-jackets attacking various parts of me, my clothing, and the car.

I ran. I danced. I said a few choice words I hadn't said in several years. I dropped the keys to Gram's car. I danced some more. And finally, I ran inside to seek the aid and comfort of two mothers (mine and Aidan's).

Gram braved the swarm to retrieve her keys with a broom handle and I searched our house for Raid or Black Flag or, heck, even Wal-Mart wasp killer. And then I let them have it. Two cans' worth of poison right into the heart of their home. They didn't like that either, but fortunately I was prepared this time: my weapons worked from twenty feet away! Take that, Vermin! HAHA!!

I'm okay, really. But it's an incident I'll not soon forget because I now have three three-inch welts where the pests got me. Live and learn I guess. Now, where's the Benadryl?

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Kristi said...

Your attitude never ceases to amaze me...