Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paid In Full

I love those three words. They're like an unexpected shoulder rub after a late night of driving university students in circles that aren't circular. I heard them today when I went to the hospital to talk to the billing office about our accounts. The lady told me the balance due for Marissa's labor and delivery was a big, fat, round zero.

I was quite joyously relieved; I hated having the feeling that my son was on layaway. In the back of my mind I feared that if we fell behind on our payments, he might be taken away by a big hairy man covered in ugly tattoos, clad in black leather, and driving a tow truck with well-stocked gun rack. I'm so glad I can shove that fear out the door and get on with enjoying Aidan's childhood. Today he introduced me to AutoBoo. I'll tell you more about AutoBoo next time.

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