Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm sure the suspense has had you near tears but the wait is over: AutoBoo has arrived!

AutoBoo is neither haunted Volkswagen nor mechanical chicken-ghost. AutoBoo is the name I've given to a game that Aidan plays with...well, anyone. The auto part of the name is not in the sense of automatic or automobile but rather in the sense of autobiography. Boo (did I scare you?) comes from a game loved by many children the world over: Peek-A-Boo. Do you get it?

Oh okay. I'll explain it. Aidan doesn't need help to play Peek-A-Boo anymore. He just needs a smiling face or two looking back at him. He does the rest, usually with a blanket or sheet. The other day he did it with a bib he'd managed to take off by himself. It could be just about anything, so long as he can lift it. It's probably the C-wordest thing he does!

I wonder what would happen if we put Aidan in front of a mirror with a small towel or something. I bet he'd entertain himself for days! Or at least until he got hungry.

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