Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thuper Thoaker Thurthday

Work hath been a bit boring lately; I do drive in thircleth all day. Tho today I took my truthty old Thuper Thoaker (I've had it for nearly ten yearth). I thprayed theveral buth'th windthieldth and even thome doorth. I told a few people that athked that it wath jutht for fun. Otherth I told it wath for unruly paththengerth. Motht of them laughed. Thome gave me thtrange lookth and thidelong glantheth. I altho threatened to thpray anyone who cut me off. Oddly enough, that didn't happen today. Perhapth it'th for the betht; I wouldn't want to get in trouble or worthe: arrethted. I hope your Thurthday wath thuper like mine wath!

(Excuthe my fingerth are numb and thuffering from a temporary lithp.)

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