Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mom, Dad: I'm Sorry

I can't count how many people tried to tell me. They warned me. They insisted. They told me their stories. Marissa even told me it had happened. But I just didn't listen.

Because of my work schedule and his new-found irregularity, I haven't had the "opportunity" to change Aidan's dirty diapers since he began eating solid foods (rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.). Until today. Not only did it stink as I had failed to acknowledge, but it seemed like I had to start over in my diaper-changing development. New smell. New consistency. New amount. I think I used six wipes and it took me forever because I had to keep resisting my gag reflex. I didn't know my son was capable of such odorous pollution!

All that said to lead up to this: an apology. Mom, Dad, I didn't know what I had really put you through. I'm sorry. I really mean it. And thank you for changing my dirty diaper when I was five months old. I appreciate it—from the bottom of my heart (good thing it's not the heart of my bottom, huh?).

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