Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just The Tip Of The Toothberg

Aidan has been unusually fussy lately. I say "unusually" because it's not his oh-my-gosh-my-tummy-hurts-really-bad-from-gas cry. We've cured that one with prayer and "Gripe Water." His cry has been intermittent, not so demanding, and definitely more tolerable than the gas cry. We've had our suspicions that he was teething, but confirmation came Wednesday night at church. Aidan's "Aunt" Kristi was letting him use her finger as a pacifier when she exclaimed that she had found something sharp in his mouth.

My immediate thought was not a joyful "Tooth!" but more like, "Where did that boy pick up a staple?" I rushed right over and was relieved it was not a foreign object but a slowly developing indigenous one. That's right! Aidan's first tooth has broken through his gums! And Kristi was right; it was very sharp! I'm pretty sure my boy will be a carnivore with that pearl.

For those of you who are curious (and everyone else), his first tooth is the lower right central incisor (see chart below). This momentous occasion coincides with Aidan being 21 weeks old, so look for a new photo album at my Pics link soon.

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