Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Good Doctor Is Missing

I'm a bit nervous about what this entry will lead to. The last time I reported a favorite food item missing from store shelves, it spawned a whole series of entries and resulted in a well-stocked peanut butter shelf. But here goes...

I read in the university newspaper today that Dr. Pepper is no longer available anywhere on campus. This includes stores, cafeterias, machines, and the guy on the corner with the trench coat. I don't understand the reason for this. It's certainly my beverage of choice and I know many people who drink nothing else. They even used to advertise Texas State's football games on the cans.

The article was an editorial by a professor who prefers the Pepper (one doc for another!) and mentioned the contract that Coca-Cola has with the university to offer its products with exclusivity. I was under the impression DP was owned and bottled by Coke but I guess I was wrong.

I can still get Dr. Pepper at other places in town (even some original recipe), but I spend most of my time on campus. It just makes sense that I should be able to purchase whatever beverage I want. That brings up a topic for another entry: why do state universities need corporate endorsement anyway? Perhaps we'll explore that in "The Good Doctor Is Missing II." Any suggestions for a subtitle?

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