Friday, August 31, 2007

Any Good Movie Trailers Lately?

One of my hobbies is watching trailers for upcoming movies at or similar sites. I find most of them entertaining. But lately, I've been begging myself to turn the computer off and go read my college history textbook.

Trailers are advertisements with one goal: inspire people to shell out 8 bucks or more to see the film in its entirety. They should leave the viewer wanting more. Lately, I've been wanting less. The comedies aren't funny. The dramas look boring. The thrillers might get my attention if I watched scary movies. What happened to the good old days when trailers showed the best parts of movies but still managed to pull you into a theater if only to connect the scenes into some semblance of a plot?

Then again, maybe it's just me. But they sure won't be getting my hard earned dollars. Now, back to the manifold causes of the American civil war...

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Kristi said...

Erik and I watched the Nanny Diaries and found it to be a VERY GOOD family that makes you think, and one that we'd watch again...every time he sees the trailer now, he's like "that really WAS a good movie..." Only i have to say, the trailer is misleading, because they make it out to be a COMEDY, and i would in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM call that movie a comedy...still it IS something you and Rissie might consider watching :) Enjoy!