Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chart Breaking Heart Melter

We took Aidan to see Dr. Flinn for his 4-month checkup today. He had all the nurses ogling him. One had to have help retrieving her jaw from the floor when she found out he wasn't 9 months old. This is mostly due to the fact that he's such a cutie and partly due to his size. He's now 28 inches tall and weighs 19 pounds, 11 ounces. He pretty much sets the standard for next year's growth charts.

Dr. Flinn had nothing but good things to say about him. Words like perfect, gorgeous, and perfect tumbled out of her mouth as she examined him. She also found nothing wrong with him and suggested his spontaneous vocal eruptions could be due to gas. Given that he's my son I shouldn't be surprised, but it still breaks our hearts when he cries like that.

And boy did he let us know his disapproval when the nurse stuck his leg three times for the mandatory inoculations. She was sweet and really quick, but Aidan is no fool. He knows when some sharp foreign object invades his body. Marissa and I did better this time around though, so we were able to comfort him faster than before. Next time we should be pros.

Dr. Flinn also told us we could begin introducing solid foods. She recommended rice cereal for a few months and then fruits and veggies. While I'm eager for Aidan's development to progress, I've heard rumors that diapers tend to—evolve—quite quickly. I'm sure there will be many blog worthy stories once we get going. Don't worry; I'll keep you updated. ;-)


Kristi said...

I NOW feel your pain about the shots...when my kitten was at the vet today, she experienced torture of a new kind, and having to hold her down and listen to her cry at the same time...like horribly cry was unbearable for me, and I actually cried! So as far as i'm concerned, you and Rissie are doing great this time around :) I have a new respect for you guys!

Ms. Jones said...

Nice blog entry! Very creative, and of course, very true! :-) I loved getting to read it. Your son and you are sure cute! ;-)