Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Droolman Cometh

Earlier this week, I informed everyone that Aidan has figured out how to laugh. Just so no one's alarmed, that hasn't changed, but there are some other developments.

He's discovered his hands. And he's learned he can put his hands in his mouth. And he can hold things like toys, burp cloths, Gram's necklace, and Mom's hair. Many of these things also make it to his mouth. And boy does he like to suck, and slurp, and chew, and generally do anything involving lips and gums.

This has all resulted in both the increased entertainment value of our own child and a new concern of mine and Marissa's: Aidan's saliva production has kicked into high gear. We now have four (4) body fluids to concern ourselves with: poop, pee, spit-up (which have all existed since day one), and drool. I think from now on, Aidan will be wearing a bib and Marissa and I will have burp cloths sewn into our clothes.

You may think I'm making light of this new found ability of our son's, but I seriously think he could single-handedly bring about the end of the drought in Australia! He's a factory of moisture! A fountain flowing with salivary juices! Aidan could quite possibly be the cause of the recent flooding in the Texas Hill Country.

I'm sure I'll get comments on this such as, "Oh it's just a little drool," or "You ain't seen nothing yet!" Comment all you want; it's still very new to me.

According to, I do have something to look forward to in another 2-5 months. Some phenomenon called teething. Should I be overly concerned? Is an umbrella sufficient or should I begin amassing vast quantities of gopher wood?

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