Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What's Up With The New Blue?

I watched Superman Returns tonight on DVD. I realize it's been over a year since the movie debuted in theaters, but I want to rant and I didn't have a blog at that time. So you get to read it now.

I have no issue with the actor cast to play Clark Kent/Superman (Brandon Routh) and few issues with the storyline of the movie. My major complaint is that new costume. It looks like a cheap knockoff of Batman's molded armor (which is necessary for him...he's human and not bulletproof!).

And let's talk about Ol' Blue's hair. When he's not flying, swimming, or Clarking, Superman's hair looks like it's carved out of the same plastic as the raised S on his chest or the red shower curtain draped over his shoulders. I mean, did Superman have to punch his way out of the made-for-kids-but-nearly-impossible-to-open packaging of a Mattel action figure?

What happened to Supe's mom—his Earth mom—making his uniform from the blanket found in his spaceship? Christopher Reeve's costume fit the bill. Whoever designed the new supersuit needs to lay down the Exacto knife and modeling clay and pick up an old fashioned needle and thread. Oh, and a little less lacquer on the jheri curl next time, please.

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