Thursday, June 28, 2007

...Googled Your Own Name? (Update)

I don't know how many of my amazingly cool readers check my archived entries for new comments and such, but I thought recent events warranted an update.

I was about to empty my spam folder when I noticed a message from...myself. Or so I thought. It seems one of the other Sean Rackleys out there googled his name too and found me. Turns out he's the ninjutsu instructor from Pittsburgh. He's also a photographer. If I find out he wears a red and blue uniform with a mask (cape optional), I may just flip.

Anyway, he left a comment on the previous post complete with a link to his website. Check it out if you'd like to meet another me.

Oh and by the way, I think plans are in the works for a "Sean Rackley" weekend and talk show gig. I'm thinking a group at The Price is Right or 1 versus 100 might be fun too! I'll keep you all informed as details come together.

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