Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Have You Ever Googled Your Own Name?

I got four (4) pages of hits when I searched for "Sean Rackley" and several of them pointed to me. But most of them did not. Top on the list is a Ninjutsu instructor who I think owns a dojo in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the website associated with him is not currently available but he was quoted in several newspapers on self-defense.

I also found a video game developer (who may or may not be the same one who owns, home of Sean Rackley Technologies), a military guy (not sure what branch) wanting prayer for while he's away at war, an F-18 pilot, a painter of body art, a commenter on an NBC video about traffic in Los Angeles, a chemistry student at the University of Maine, and a business student at Texas Christian University (this one included a picture!).

I have no idea if any of these are referencing the same person or whether the list is even complete. It's kind of weird knowing there are other Seans out there. I always thought one was enough!


Kristi said...

Did you search with your name in quotes or not? It makes a difference---out of boredom (and waiting for a phone call that isn't coming soon enough...LOL I just got the phone call!), I typed in my name without quotes and got one million 6 thousand results, and when i typed it in quotes, only got 460 I think. What I discovered is that i can't find myself (fine with me!), but there is a Kristi Chase who is a racecar driver (cool!), and one is even a teacher!!!! Hehe, i must be really really bored!!!

Sean said...

Hey Sean Rackley, this is Sean Rackley... the one and... Ok so not the one and only anymore. But you get what I’m sayin. I am the one with the Ninjutsu School and also the one that is a Freelance Photographer is the site for my Photography. The reason the martial arts site is down is that I do not teach full time any more. I keep up my training and I still teach my high ranking students privately. But, my head students took over the role of teaching the bulk of the students at the school for the time being. I had a lot on my plate and I needed a break from teaching every day for 3 hours. It was impacting my health in a negative way. So I take more time to do other things. I have been a photographer for about 10 years and I have done that all at the same time as teaching martial arts and holding down a full time 9 to 5 job. So, as you can see sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not the only Sean Rackley out there. It’s a bit of a push to make the name something that we can all be proud to have. We should all get together for a weekend out… an then we can all go on a talk show…lol.

Sean Rackley said...

Hooray, I top two items in your list of other Sean's out there. I am the Sean Rackley that owns Sean Rackley Technologies (Soon to be Sean Rackley Consulting) which is at The second item that was "me" was my comment on the NBC traffic test in L.A. I'm currently living in Glendale, CA while going to school full-time at DeVry University. I'm almost finished though, only three more months and I'll have my B.S. Degree in Network Communications Management. It is good to see other Sean Rackley's out there as well. To the Owner of this blog: Do you remember emailing me about "your" name at the address, that was me as well. It's good to see your making a mark on the internet community. I too am guilty of "Googling" "my" name too, it's just too much fun to see who else is out there. Well Sean's take care and let's take each other up on the offer of a talk show, it would be good fun.