Thursday, June 21, 2007

Creative Title #51

We took Aidan to see Dr. Flinn for his 2-month checkup this morning. I'm happy and proud to report his latest statistics to you: 16 pounds, 10 ounces in weight and 25 inches in height. This puts him in or over the 100th percentile for his age. Definitely going to be a XXL when he's older!

He also had his first round of vaccines. Mama and I could barely stand it when the nurse stuck his thigh. But then she did it two more times! Aidan handled it like a champ by belting out the lead solo from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. He's quite a talented singer. He certainly soothed my fluttering heart!

After our visit to the doctor I thought our day could only get better, but when we got home, we found two nasty surprises waiting for us. The first was cat puke on one of Aidan's blankets. The second was a very large spider guarding the cabinet where the paper towels are kept. But nature called; the battle had to wait.

I tried Raid and only scared it under the fridge. I took the opportunity to quickly grab a paper towel and wipe up the feline mess. Then the spider came back, so I tried a chair. But this thing was mad after the bug spray and wanted to fight. I ended up giving it the left foot of fellowship and slipping in its guts. After I recovered I tried to identify the spider, but all I had left was brown goo on the bottom of my shoe.

As best as I could with the web (no pun intended) and my memory, I determined our invader to be a female wolf spider. I just hope there aren't any eggs hiding someplace. We're claiming the protection of Psalm 91 over our home, but as a warning to any pests who dare to defy the Word of God: I have a large foot and I'm not afraid to cover it with rubber and/or leather and use it on you!

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