Sunday, June 17, 2007

This Blogger's First Day For Fathers

I've experienced 27 Father's Days in my life, but today was the first on which I was at the receiving end of things. It was great!

Aidan cooked me breakfast in bed (well, I ate it in bed) and made me a card with a picture of the two of us. I also received several shirts and my very first Father's Day tie. I can't wait to wear it!

After church we drove to Austin to spend the afternoon with my parents, but we didn't go the straight and boring way; we took the scenic route through the Texas Hill Country. What gorgeous landscapes God crafted—and right here in our backyard! Marissa will argue this point, but I think the hills of central Texas are among the most beautiful physical features on the face of the earth. She fell in love with the Scottish highlands a few years ago, but there's beauty here too.

My dad cooked a delightful recipe from the Food Network involving a pig, a coconut, and some really hot peppers. After my tongue and lips recovered from the numbness, we enjoyed an Italian cream cake made my mom (for my dad's birthday which is tomorrow). My taste buds were quite happy!

And at the end of the day so was I! All that was lacking was a nap in a hammock.

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