Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top 10 Ways To Tell You're A New Parent

10. There's a near constant stream of visitors at your door who don't want to see you
09. Jokes and stories about poop become a normal part of everyday conversation
08. The phone rings and you're relieved your boss needs you to come in for extra hours
07. Packing for a one-night trip takes a minimum of 6 hours
06. Shower time is down to 3 minutes flat
05. A pack of 105 disinfectant wipes (with bleach) seems too small
04 (Four). You find yourself communicating with your mate in coos and gagas
03. Your mate understands what you've just said and acts accordingly
02. TV shows on PBS Kids are entertaining again
01. You yearn for a five-hour night of sleep

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