Monday, May 7, 2007

Bus Driver To The Stars

I drove my last day for the semester today. And what fun! A charter for the university's annual scholarship fundraiser called "The Texas State Celebrity Golf Classic." I wasn't sure if I'd be carting around golfers or celebrities so when I picked up my charges at the hotel in San Marcos, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they fit both categories: celebrities who will be playing golf.

To my dismay, Jesse Duplantis and Van Crouch were not among the celebrities on my bus. To their dismay, I'm sure, I didn't recognize a single person. But later at the clubhouse, I found a program for the event with a complete listing of all stars and brief biographical blurbs. After reading about their work, I recognized a few and their faces even became familiar to me over the course of the day.

The headliner was country music legend (from before my time) Charley Pride. I learned that he's still sitting pretty on RCA's best seller list at #2 (Elvis Presley beat him out). I'll have to download some of his music; I'm sure I'd like it. Another big name on the list was Samuel L. Jackson, but he didn't actually attend the event so I'm not sure why the program editor thought to tease me like that.

I spent the morning hanging around the clubhouse, reading, writing, and sleeping as different moods came upon me. I was actually kind of bored. Well, really bored. But things turned sunnier after lunch. My boss was one of the local businessmen on a golf team with celebrities and I invited myself to hang out with them for the rest of the day. This put me in the passenger seat of David Marciano's golf cart. What a treat that turned out to be! He talked my ears off with stories of acting and his mother's career wisdom. He's a great guy. His is the only autograph I got that day; it will be quite special to me.

I also helped the team out with a putt on the 11th hole...and I made it (when no one else had!)! So David insisted I keep that golf ball. I'm sure Aidan will love hearing stories of how Daddy helped Hollywood with its golf game! But I didn't play anymore that day...better to quit while I'm a hero - lucky or otherwise.

I've decided that golf is not such a bad game...if you're playing it. Still can't stand watching it on TV but actually being out there, seeing the landscapes, sweating in the heat and then enjoying the breeze of a speeding golf cart, and hanging out with a bunch of guys is really what the game is all about. Swinging a large metal stick at a small white object is great fun too!

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LadyAna said...

Hey, there! Thanks for the comments on David Marciano. It's always good to hear other folks tell me what I've already been told - that he's a great guy.