Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Good Report And Funny Shirts

Aidan had his first visit with a pediatrician today. The waiting room was really cool: three separate areas for newborns, well babies, and anyone else. And there were fish everywhere: paintings, murals, photos, puzzles, toys, and even in the aquarium! Aidan was a really great sport until the nurse pricked his heal to draw some blood. I think she was performing a lung test at the same time - he's very, very healthy there! She also weighed and measured him - 10 lbs (9 lbs, 4.4 (four-point-four) oz at birth) and 22 inches (21.5 at birth).

Dr. Jeanne Flinn checked him out and was really impressed. Some parts were perfect; others were gorgeous (her words, not mine, but I'm proud of my boy). She even said we could let him sleep through the night since he's gaining weight so well. Unfortunately, we haven't been waking him up for feedings - he's pretty good at that himself. We celebrated afterwards with lunch at Whataburger - Aidan had a double with cheese, hold the onions.

On a totally unrelated note, I saw a t-shirt today that made me look twice and think thrice. It read, "Streakers Club." I thought it odd that of all the clubs out there, this is the one that doesn't make sense to have a t-shirt. I mean, isn't the point of a streakers club to socialize with other naked people who run through crowded areas? I didn't see the front of the shirt, but then again...maybe I don't really want to.

Also, look at the shirt I designed! Email me if you need my size and shipping address ;-)

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