Friday, April 6, 2007

A Night Of Worship

We went with our friends, Erik and Kristi, to Promise Land Church tonight for the purpose of worshipping God. The place was packed with people expressing love and gratitude to Jesus. There were two bands that led us in worship. One was from Wimberley and featured several friends of mine from my college days. The other was the Promise Land worship team; I knew some people in that group too.

The event began with the video below. It was a really awesome way to begin a worship service on Good Friday. People were clapping and jumping up and down and shouting "Hallelujah!"

There's reason to celebrate each spring. It's not flowers, candy, pretty colors, the easter bunny, nor even an end to winter's chill. The reason we celebrate each spring is because the wrath of God has passed over us and been placed entirely on the body of His only begotten son. Life may have ended for Jesus at the cross, but it doesn't truly begin until the empty tomb. Romans 10:9-10 tells us how to be saved: we must confess the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead.

There is no other means to the Father but through the blood of Jesus Christ. Today is the day of salvation! The Bible tells us that if we confess our sin, Jesus is quick to forgive and cleanse us of all unrighteousness (I John 1:9). Ask Him today to cleanse you of your sin. If you've not asked Jesus to be your own Lord (He's quite willing and well qualified--like no other, in fact), then make this your first night of true worship. Then drop me an email; I'd like to pray for you.

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