Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nutless Pea Butter III: The Dripping Menace

So I learned today what caused the salmonella problem with the peanut butter industry: a leaky roof and a faulty sprinkler system that allowed contaminated water into part of the process. As a result, the FDA has decided peanut butter has a higher risk of food-born illness that they first thought and will be inspecting peanut butter plants more stringently in the future.

This is a good turn of events for the nation's youth and families who make peanut butter a staple part of their diets. It's also good for me because the grocery stores have begun stocking crunchy peanut butter again and I won't have to rely solely on the generous provisioning of others to get my fix. Not that I mind the occasional gift of a jar of peanut butter, but I really don't want to start receiving random packages in the mail from any well-wishing readers. One jar is enough...for now.

Props to FDA and ConAgra Foods for determining the source of the bacteria and resolving this issue.

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