Monday, April 2, 2007

Adventures In Car Seat Installation

I attempted to install AJ's car seat this afternoon. I was a good boy and read the manual cover to cover first. Two hours of reading and an hour of sweaty frustration later, I'm still not satisfied with this thing. Maybe my expectations are too high but I want my kid to be safe, especially with San Marcos drivers (now there's a topic for a blog some day!). I don't know if it's me or what but I can't seem to get the seat belts tight enough and the front of the base wiggles quite a bit. At our doctor's appointment this evening I asked her about it and she recommended the local police or fire department for help. I'll try them later this week. But in the meantime: GRRRRR!

Speaking of the doctor's appointment... Mama and Baby are healthy and progressing nicely. 37 weeks along, which is considered full-term even though there's still 24 days until the due date. So the answer to the question everyone is asking is any time now. The doc measured his heartbeat at 120-130 bpm and Mama's belly at 38 cm. All other vitals were good. But then, this has been an exceptional pregnancy from the very beginning, praise God!

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