Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One Bling To Drool Them All

Marissa and I began our adventure with only a vague idea of what we wanted--the sage could produce no images of the object of our quest. We gathered what funds we could from Aidan's various showers and set out for the great metropolis to the north. Along the way, we made our requests known to the Lord regarding safe travels and the best possible end to our journey. There weren't many others on our road north. There were no random encounters with any of the local bugbears. We arrived at the merchant's location and were that much closer to the goal of our pursuit.

On entering the merchant's tabernacle, a brief scuffle ensued over whether or not to follow a map--yes, the place is that big! Having defeated our disagreement, we continued onward--without a map, to my chagrin. Several treasures presented themselves as options. We weighed the benefits and the ills of each before finally deciding on THE ONE. We gathered assorted smaller treasures as the merchant's servant carried our selected item to the main entryway.

We discussed with another servant the price of all our wares and, Behold! The Lord answered our petition by meeting the exact price we'd brought with us, including the realm's taxes. What an awesome and wonderful God we serve!

(e.g. We went to Austin and bought a changing table)

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