Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Noise On The Bus Goes Round and Round...

...and no one heard it. Or if they did, they certainly didn't laugh at it.

I took my Fart Machine to work today and hid it under one of the seats near the middle of my bus. I set it off every time someone sat over it but no one really reacted. I was greatly disappointed. I guess the noise of the engine and traffic was too overwhelming for the ears of early-morning passengers.

I had much more fun later with fellow drivers and office staff :-) My boss thought for sure it was his boss (they share an office). Meanwhile, the rest of us were stifling laughter outside their door. If you've never played with one of these, they're great. One warning though: a lot of remote entry key fobs set it off too so be sure you want it to go off when you lock your car.

I have a Fart Machine; I'm willing to use it -- perhaps on you -- CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!