Friday, March 23, 2007

In The Vault For Nearly Two Hours!!

Marissa and I had an evening out tonight. Kind of a celebration of being a couple for nearly the last time for about twenty years...unless, of course, we get a baby-sitter. So we donned our finest duds (she in a new dress and I in my suit and a new tie) and headed out for dinner. Reservations were made in advance - there's a new experience for me - at Hill Country Grill in San Marcos. We were greeted by the sound of a live guitarist (so glad he wasn't dead) singing someone else's songs - he was there all night and we did tip our waitress despite his lack of reminder. The hostess seated us in one of the old vaults of the former San Marcos State Bank and Trust - great for privacy on a romantic date!

We dined in style to a 3-course meal: Dynamite Calamari for starters, Angus Rib Eye (medium rare) for me, Grilled Salmon (medium well) for the lady, and for dessert: Chocolate Brownie Thing (can't remember the real name). Iced tea, water, and house decaf to drink throughout the evening.

I'm glad no one closed and locked the door to the vault - it was a bit warm in there and we might have had to wait for the Newton brothers to come along with some nitro (check out the history of the place; there's a plaque on the wall by the front door). All in all a great experience. I would highly recommend this place, but only for special occasions because of the price.