Thursday, March 22, 2007

8 Of 9 Months And 3 Of 4 (Four) Classes

For those who don't know, Marissa (that's the wife) is pregnant. Due date is April 26 and I CANNOT WAIT to meet my son. We've chosen the name Aidan John because we like how it sounds, what it means, and who it's for. Aidan comes from the Gaelic language and means "little fiery one." We later learned it's the Number 1 name for newborn boys in America right now. Oh well - he won't be alone! John is in honor of my late grandfather, John Rackley, and carries the meaning "God is gracious" (just like Aidan's daddy: Sean!!). So if names mean anything prophetically, we're going to have one fiery little preacher!

We went to our third of four (4) Lamaze classes on Tuesday. Toured the maternity unit, practiced some breathing, stretching, and massage (Marissa loved that part), watched a video (not as graphic this week), and then our instructor decided to scare us all into next week. She showed us the needle used for an epidural—and then passed it around for all to see, touch, and examine. I'm definitely glad I'm not the one on the receiving (or giving) end of that thing! On that note, I'm glad I'm not the one pushing a live human being between the various bones of my pelvis. More power to you, moms!