Monday, March 26, 2007

Antigravity Baby And Nutless Pea Butter

We had a visit with our obstetrician this evening. Mama and Baby are both healthy and doing well. In our birthing classes, we've been learning, among other things, about different positions babies can be in and the way labor is affected by each one, so this was a hot subject for us to discuss tonight. Dr. Irwin couldn't tell by feel so she pulled out the good ol' ultrasound machine (no complaints here!). Suffice it to say that this pregnancy is truly blessed from beginning to end. Aidan is in the most desirable position for the "easiest" labor—head-down, facing Mama's back or occiput anterior to sound technical. Our last class is tomorrow, so I'm planning to share the good news with everyone. I'm sure all will be thrilled.

Time for a random rant: where has all the crunchy peanut butter gone? At Wal-Mart the other day, their brand was the only one with both varieties available. Even the natural kinds were only the pre-chewed, mushy sort. I know there was a salmonella recall a while back for Peter Pan and Great Value (which we unfortunately participated in), but honestly, where are all the nuts? If they still don't have my crunchy peanut butter this weekend, I think I'll take out an ad on a milk carton.