Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Perfect Names

The Bible is chock full of people whose names, given either retrospectively by parents or purposefully by The Lord, point to their roles in history. Consider Jacob ("deceiver") who tricked his brother out of his birthright with a bowl of soup or Abraham ("father of many nations") who, well—you get the idea...

I'm fascinated with some current-day people who are also appropriately named. Check out my growing list of those whose names seem to have set them up for their careers or hobbies. Can you think of others?
  • Joe Champion, pastor who very likely has preached more than once on Romans 8:37
  • Bob Smiley, comedian
  • Richard Chopp, urologist specializing in vasectomy (this guy gets 2 points!)
  • Ollie Cowart, skateboard enthusiast (friend)
  • Sam Landsman, groundskeeper
  • Marc Webb, director of two Spider-Man films
  • Januray Jones, actress who portrayed mutant telepath Emma Frost
  • Lee Haxall, film editor
  • Daniel C. Law, Caldwell County sheriff
  • Zach Bright, lighting technician for Christian band For King & Country
  • Shondo Blades, MMA fighter who participated in fantasy-themed reality competition The Quest (he wielded a sword on multiple occasions)
  • Tito Beveridge, central Texas vodka maker
  • Ryder DiFrancesco, motocross competitor (at age 9!!)

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