Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I often engage in thought experiments while operating a bus. It helps break up the monotony of driving in circles. They often result in poetry, but this one didn't. Here's the idea: How can the game of chess be improved upon? (Should it even be attempted? Can it?)

I decided to add a "power-up" to each piece. Before I get into the specific abilities, there are some general rules for what I have dubbed "Chess2".

General Rules:
  1. A player may use only one power-up in a game. Choose wisely.
  2. A power-up move may not result in check-mate.
  3. A power-up move cannot be a piece's initial move.
  4. All other rules of chess, including special maneuvers, such as castling and en passant, remain in effect.
  1. "Pawns on the Lawn"
    • Assuming all three spaces are open, resurrect three pawns and return them to the spaces in front of the player's own king's starting position.
    • This cannot result in a kill.
  2. "Knight Fright"
    • Assuming the space is not occupied by the player's own piece, return a knight to the starting position of either of the player's own knights.
    • This may result in a kill.
  3. "King's Wings"
    • The king may move to any open space.
    • This cannot result in a kill.
  4. "Rook Rock-slide"
    • A rook may "slide" diagonally from an opposing corner back to his starting position, killing everyone in his path.
    • Kills include the player's own pieces.
    • Kills cannot include either king. The rook's slide ends at the space immediately diagonal to the blocking king.
  5. "Queen's Dream"
    • The queen makes a normal move but can continue through space and time to the other side of the board (similar to Pac-Man's secret tunnels).
    • This may result in a kill.
  6. "Bishop's Prayer"
    • The bishop makes a normal move and another non-queen piece makes a normal move in the same turn.
    • This can result in two kills.
I'd like your input, especially if you're a chess enthusiast. Is any power-up too powerful or too weak? Is Chess2 playable? What suggestions or other ideas do you have for altering the classic game?

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