Friday, November 22, 2013

God's Love-o-Meter

I was going through one of my journals and found this record of a vision I had in August. What a great God we serve!!

When I sought God's throne, He was eager to show me something. I climbed into a pocket to ride near God's heart (He was much bigger than in previous visions). He took me to a room to the left of His throne in which a Love-o-Meter was waiting. It was a huge turbine-like thing with a chair attached. A person would sit in the chair to be enveloped by God's love; the turbine would spin faster the more the person was loved.

First, I saw Hitler sit. The turbine whirled quickly. Then, I saw Marissa; it whirled just as quickly. I was confused until I saw Jesus sit. The turbine whirled so fast that sparks flew from it!

Then it was my turn. It whirled no slower and no faster than it did for Hitler or Marissa. Then, Jesus took the seat again. He offered me His lap. When I climbed up, I sank into Him; He was all around me like a new set of clothes. The turbine spun faster than it did when Jesus sat alone. God is so in love with us, but He's so lovingly excited when we're in Christ.

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