Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Dream Of Fire

I read Proverbs 26:20 in The Message this morning: "When you run out of wood, the fire goes out; when the gossip ends, the quarrel dies down." It reminded me of a dream I had two nights ago.

I was cooking several large pieces of meat on a circular, stone or brick BBQ pit for some sort of picnic. The pit was large, standing just above my waist with a larger wall in the back. I had trouble with the different meats because they required different temperatures and times to cook properly. Also, the fire kept going out. I tried repositioning and adding wood (oak logs), but I couldn't find that perfect arrangement where everything cooked as it should.

Suddenly, a flame licked out and ignited a stack of paper (kindling?). I was concerned about the ashes flying away. One of them actually did and, ignoring my cooking, I went leaping after it to prevent a grass fire. The burning paper ash flew up and over a five-lane street. I was not at all worried about the busy traffic as I could just leap over it, one or two lanes at a time. I caught up with the ember just as it alighted on the grass on the other side of the road. I stomped it out and then the dream ended.

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