Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liberty Is Yours

I walked outside my garden and found a dark wasteland. As I continued walking away from my garden, a swarm of strange creatures gathered around me, forming a swirling tunnel through which I could walk.

After walking for some time, I found a giant gate. It was shut and locked. Suddenly, a giant, red, lizard-like head appeared over the gate. It was the great red dragon, known as satan. He jeered at me and began asking me taunting questions, including something about proceeding into territory without God. I quoted Scripture aloud, including several verses about God's perpetual presence (David's "peak and abyss," being the most poignant).

The dragon was not harmed but my resolve was bolstered. I fearlessly turned my back on the dragon and the gate. I marched back to the entrance to my garden, subtly aware the dragon and its demonic horde followed close at my heels. When I reached my garden and its low gate, I was slightly afraid the monsters would get in. I turned, drawing my sword. satan chuckled. "What do you want?" I demanded.

"Just to come in and look around." I noticed two things: one, that satan was wingless and limited to crawling on the ground; and two, that he could only get his words into my garden (not even his head, which was high/tall enough, could go past my gate). "Please?" he simpered.

"No!" I turned and hastened to the mountain at the middle of my garden. On ascending to the throne room, I witnessed Jesus, clad in a king's battle armor and sitting astride a white horse, draw his sword. He spurred the horse forward and leaped down. Horse and rider shone with white light as they fell toward the waiting serpent. The Lord jumped clear over my garden! His sword was pointed at the dragon the whole way down. In defiance, the dragon reared and opens its gaping maw. Light-robed king and steed plunged into the dragon's mouth and down through its throat (that's how big the dragon's mouth was!). The dragon seemed to have won. However, as a smirk spread across its scaly face, light flashed from inside the dragon's belly. A moment later, dragon parts flew apart in every direction. Holy King alone remained, armor slightly stained but no less radiant.

Emboldened, I exited my garden and proceeded back to the gates of hell. As I walked, the demons, who previously hemmed me in, scattered and fled in fear. I found the gates open and unguarded. I entered and proclaimed liberty to those held as prisoners. "Liberty is yours because of Jesus' victory!" Several hundred (maybe thousands) prisoners came out and followed me back to my garden.

I permitted them to rest and recover in my garden, telling them the Father wanted to see them when they were ready. Several ascended immediately to receive God's love and mercy; the remainder stayed to splash, play, and rest, one or two ascending as they became ready. In the meanwhile, my garden remained FULL of recovering people. And I was happy to have them there.

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