Thursday, May 9, 2013

Help For The Rowley Family

Jeremy and Jason
When Aidan began kindergarten at the Master's School in January, Marissa and I became friends with the Rowley family. David and Rachael operate an RV park along the San Marcos River. They have two precious boys: Jason and Jeremy. Jason is in the same class as Aidan. Through class events, parent meetings, several birthday parties, and Facebook, we've gotten to know them. They are a family we look forward to knowing even better as time goes on.

The reason I'm writing about this beautiful family is that they need help. I've been among many who have prayed and motivated others to the same in person and on Facebook. In summary, Rachael is recovering from a broken foot; in March, Jason broke his arm; and on Sunday, May 5, four-year-old Jeremy was involved in a serious accident that resulted in multiple fractures to his skull and blood in his lungs. At posting time, he is still hospitalized.

Their attitudes have been amazing through all this, but their need is clear. To quote David, his "family is broken." Please do not stop praying for them! God has also put it on my heart to do what I can to help with their mounting medical bills. I can't even begin to make a dent in the more than $15,000 they have to pay out-of-pocket, but I do have a blog and a Paypal account.

In short, I'm asking for your money. I don't have a way to prove my trustworthiness, so you'll have to take my word for it: though the money will go into my personal account, every penny donated through the link below will go to the Rowleys. I can provide an email receipt, but since Eagle and Sword Ministries is not incorporated, it won't be tax deductible. Please pray and consider your best possible gift.

I'll keep you posted on the family's progress, especially Jeremy's, as best I can. Thank you in advance.

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Julie Corson said...

I am a longtime friend of David Rowley's... I am the Founder & Director of a 501c3 non-profit, & I will be more than happy to take any sizable donations (such as $500 or more) that someone may need to be tax-deductible & give it to the Rowley family. - Julie Corson ; email: - I will send a receipt.