Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birds, Birds, Birds

I recently borrowed a copy of Disney's The Rescuers on DVD from the local library. One of my favorite movies of all time: great characters, excellent story, and wonderful childhood memories. Aidan and Peyson loved it too.

One special feature on this particular disc, included because of the film's albatross character, was a 20-minute video about water birds from the True-Life Adventures series. Among the brief discussions were eating and diet, nesting and society, courting rituals, and features unique to each bird. All of the multitudinous species presented were fascinating, and some were downright hilarious to watch. For that reason alone, I recommend this video. For me, however, the short documentary did more than educate and entertain. It rekindled an interest in birds.

I have no desire to return to school for a degree in ornithology, and I won't be joining the National Audubon Society (at least anytime soon). I will, however, be more proactive in my consideration of the birds around me. I believe Jesus' instructions regarding worry and anxiety contain more than just instructions regarding worry and anxiety.

There are so many things birds can teach us about God and our lives in His care: eagles fly effortlessly, mockingbirds defend tenaciously, and ducks let water roll off their backs. I intend to learn more, and I encourage you to also rediscover the power of flight. Or nesting. Or plumage. To God alone be the glory!

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