Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beautiful Song

I found this song while searching for Christian folk music from around the world. The images drew me in, but the music and words are beautiful. Worth a listen.

The lyrics are posted in Chinese under the video. I copied them to Google Translator and found the below words (copied and pasted as is). Some of the words don't seem to fit but Google Translator isn't perfect. I would love to find a better translation, but this is what I have:

God has heard my cry
He also understands my desire
To lay down the burden of taking off everything entangles, and let
Restore God made ​​me the beauty of the image (2x)

The everlasting God, who created all things of the Lord
His wisdom is unsearchable
He giveth power to the weary
Weak He increases the power
Wait on the LORD shall renew their strength

# Like the eagle on the Proton
Flying in the kingdom of God
Over the all hard and storm
Alone, watching you, the glory of the throne

Such as Eagle Youth Pre-employment on Proton
Flying in the kingdom of God
Receive the Holy Spirit anointing and large
Live out the beautiful elegance of freedom

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