Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Need A Title

I was inspired by a recent discussion with my writing students on the definition of hope. One student shared what she'd learned at church. Her pastor had spoken of the valley of the shadow of death and how, in nature, a shadow is an indication that there is a light source. The shadow actually points out the location of the light. I found this to be an unexpectedly delightful way of looking at life in this world and our need for a savior.

The inspiration manifested itself as the below painting. You can see how death is personified by the figure at the top of the mountain. He stands in a place of authority with the shadow of his sickle covering part of the valley below. The sky over the valley is even affected by his presence. It seems hopeless. However, behind death is a glorious sun that radiates light in the shape of the cross of Jesus. It is a place of light and an end to death's tyranny.

My problem is communicating all this in a only a few words. I need a title. Any suggestions?

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sean said...

I decided to go with "Behind the Shadow"