Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Tattooed Fruit

First, read this to refresh your memory.

Now I have to tell you how, wife is. There's a side of her personality she doesn't often reveal in public. It's probably a good thing for everyone that she's this way only with me. I can handle it; I'm special too. The world? I'm just not sure.

In today's lunch, I found my usual gourmet-quality sandwich, chips, pickle, special treat, and fruit. The fruit was an orange this time and, once again, tattooed. Rather than simply describe it to you this time, I took a picture with my phone.

Cute, huh? But not all that strange. So where's the special part? Well, there's two sides to every issue. And in this case, two sides to every orange:

Thanks, Love! You made my lunch. And my day!

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